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Hey ya'll! I'm Queenie, pronouns she/her, and adult age for 18+ conversation (not going against group rules!). I love roleplays and literature work, so the majority of what you'll see out of me isn't visual art. But that's okay! Even though I don't do a lot of art myself, I'm a very visual person, and love commissioning and recieving art of my babes! I'm the self proclaimed Queen of Opals (at the time of writing I own I believe 11 of the fantastic sparkling marked reos), with a perchanse for hoarding, whoops! I'm usually pretty nice once you get to know me, but I'm often blunt and to the point, please don't take any offense! I hope you all have a lovely day~
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I saw you gifted me something? Thank you very much! :3 I don't know why I deserved it but it's very sweet of you! :) Have a great day! :D

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