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News 02/05/24: The Egress Unveiled Event Start, Friese + Design Approval + Lorekeeper Visual Update

Posted 5 months and 1 week ago :: Last edited 5 months and 1 week ago by Eternityspool

The search for answers begins...

Hello Everyone!

It seems that the crystal clusters popping up everywhere, the new zataros, and those cute porcupines have all come to a bit of a head - and the Elder has requested your presence. Today marks the start of Reos' second ever Lore Event: The Egress Unveiled!

With this event we are immensely excited (seriously, we've been working on this for so long) to unveil Reos' newest species of Tyrian: The Haedians. Through this event you'll learn more about them clan by clan and uncover secrets that make up their history. This event will span from now until November, during which time you'll meet one Haedian clan per month, with a final month grace period for any missed prompts. Further details can be found in the event page linked above! 

The Lorekeeper has also received a fancy facelift courtesy of @/livard!

Along with that, we have a few more Design Approval updates:
  • Fishscaled's range has been updated to include the throat/chest/beneath the tail in the recessive range, so that 'belly scales' are possible!
  • Mane and Tail Colors has also received a long requested update: for tails which are fully dark grey, that dark grey area can now be treated like a normal dark grey area (mane rules), or like the base coat - so people can now carry markings onto those dark grey areas freely! The affected tails are:
    • Vayrons: Equine, Papillion.
    • Tyrians: Veiled, Persian
  • Additionally, we wanted to address the fact that Friese vayrons get little love (can't blame anyone, I myself have not been a fan) - we've gone ahead and drafted up an alternate fur type for them! You can use this fur type after upload with an Elder's Reflection. You're free to choose whether your Friese vayrons have just elbow fur, just lower leg/feet fur (like normal), both elbow and leg/feet fur, or mix and match (elbow on front, lower leg/feet on back, etc)!

    Now go forth and befriend some lizards!