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Egress Unveiled Event: The Watchers

Draw or write your Reosean in a contest of leaping through the cave’s pathways. Tyrians may fly, but find issues with the tight tunnels and low visibility. Vayrons may perhaps hitch a ride from a Haedian and help guide them through the course. However you choose to take this path, it is important to impress these careful listeners.

Featured Reoseans:

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By FourDayz and Renya06

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Kinosa's patience was waning, her efforts yielding little to no results. She'd been unable to consistently sense anyone but the insufferable pink puller, no matter how hard she concentrated. Anytime she thought she'd felt another firefly of foreign feelings, it vanished as soon as she turned her focus to it.

"Bah!" she said at length, opening her eyes and angrily shuffling to a standing position. "Thanks for the lesson," she said in a tone that implied the opposite, "but I have better things to do with my t-." The shiver that crawled down her spine cut her off. She didn't know if they were trying to make their voyeurism obvious or if this was leftover from her 'training session,' but something was watching her.

"Are you doing this?" Kinosa barked as she dove into the bigger headian's shadow.

"I'm afraid you'll need to be more specific," said Pyrri, deadpan.

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Ethel hadn’t returned after she left the meditation circle and Mendras had had enough of waiting. He was already on his paws before the circle broke up.

“Come on. We’ll find Ethel and head over to the next clan.” He said to Naros. The third member of their party was still slowly blinking his eyes open. Mendras wanted to haul the puller away.

“The next clan you say?” A haedian came up on the other side. “Its a bit difficult for regular vayrons like you to reach. The Watchers make their home quite high up. I can show you an easier way there if you’d like?”