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"Something smells off," she'd said as she ran, long tail whipping around like a wayward flag, guiding Naros to wherever she wanted to spread chaos to next. He hadn't smelled anything, but then again, she was probably talking about what he referred to as 'magic smell'. He'd gotten used to the fact that Kinosa was magic; it oozed and flowed in and through her, mingling with her senses in such a way that she often confused them. She saw, tasted, and heard in spectrums that would never be attainable to him or anyone else.

By the time she stopped, the sun had set, and they could see the soft moonlight glinting off an oddly frozen scenery. Patches of it had clearly been cleaned off, and many sets of feet had trampled the way to a cave entrance.

"It's that foul thing again." She said as they got closer, face scrunched up like she'd eaten something rotten. Naros thought the snow looked beautiful, even in its half-melted state, but he wouldn't dismiss her words. She was deceitful and cunning, and he wouldn't put it past her to lie to him to better serve her goals—she'd done so before—but he was getting better at recognizing her tells. He even felt a little pride that he was probably the only being who had ever come close enough to the elusive Camo Hunter to do so.

"Someone's coming," she said, and in a blink, she'd merged with the surrounding gloom, leaving him to face whoever it may be on his own. Unsurprising, but it still hurt; how easy it was for her to leave him when the opposite was so very hard.

Not wanting to be caught unaware, he tiptoed closer to the opening and, upon not seeing anything, leaned forward to glimpse into the dark abyss below. 'You know, the point of me warning you was so you'd hide' he startled as his shadow spoke to him. Looking around to try and spot his companion, he lost his footing on the ledge and began sliding downward in an ungainly pile of limbs, screeching her name as he picked up speed.

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