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Every Reosean, regardless of their species, size or type, starts off as a rookie. Young and untrained Reoseans have a mind of their own and can be hard to deal with for riders and companions that need them to be able to get from point A to point B without unnecessary shenanigans. It is oftentimes a life and death gamble for untrained individuals. Reoseans must learn how to survive out in the world and that's where training comes in.

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Images must be...

♦ Images must be full body (at least four bodily sections showing), colored, and shaded with a background, at least 500x500 in size.​ Companions must show at least three bodily sections)
♦ If prey is required for the prompt, it must be at least 50% visible.
♦ Backgrounds should have at least 3 elements in them aside from the ground/sky. Some examples of elements could include rocks, foliage, water, buildings, etc. These elements should have some depth and texture to them.

Literature must be...

♦ ​At least 1000 words. 
♦ Reosean must be actively present in 75% of the piece.
♦ Lit entries need to have separated paragraphs instead of single continuous wall of text. It is incredibly difficult for the admins reviewing the entry to read a solid wall of text!
♦ As with art entries, lit entries can be denied in the case of low quality; no noticeable plot, using the same adjectives over and over again to make up word count, etc. is a fantastic resource if you're looking for words!

Submitting your TRAINING...

Once you've completed the image or literature, head over to the Submit Prompt and select Training and fill out the form below. An admin will get back to you and either request edits or pass the entries and give your Reosean their confirmation that they have completed their Training.

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Link to the Training Stages: Stage 1/2/3 (Mention which stage!)
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