Remove a Bond - Time for Divorce

Category: Bonding


♦ I want a divorce

While bonding is a very dear tradition to Reoseans, there is the option to break a bond. Both parties will decide to part, but because of the magical nature of the bonding it is a very heavy and exhausting experience. It isn't without its suffering. 

Still, if the Reosean(s) and their bonded partner decide to do so, using a Soul Cleanse Potion will alleviate some of the pain caused by this experience, and is therefor required and necessary to break a bond. 


Submitting your divorce...

!!! Important: You will have to use a Soul Cleanse Potion. Attach this item to the prompt as well.

Link to import:
Link to bonded companion: (link to other Reosean's import, or a reference sheet/name of a companion)


No rewards.