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♦ Please read all of the designing guides that apply to your reosean before you submit them ♦



Please use the following form in your submission description:

Import Stash: (Link your here!)
Proof Link:
(If submitting a Geno, link your proof here! Make sure to link it in your, too! If submitting a Semi-Custom, attach all of the items you wish to use to the prompt OR mention here which items you are using!)
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Free Markings Used:
Hidden Marking?
(Have you hidden any markings? Tell us!)
Carrier Markings?
(Are there any markings on the Design which are exibiting carrier effects? If so, which ones? If none, just write no!

These are some of the most common problems we see that get designs sent to corrections; look over yours and make sure they check out!

♦ Make sure all lineart is visibly darker than what it sits over!

♦ Make sure the design is at its original size of 2000x1414 or 2500x1767 depending on your reosean!

♦ Make sure that none of your markings have been made with a binary tool - these will be rejected!

♦ Make sure your pupil is relatively centered and not obscured by highlights

♦ Make sure your lips and eyelids are visibly darker than the fur around them

♦ Make sure you haven't used absolute black or black so dark is makes the lineart difficult to see anywhere on the design- if you're using deep blacks, make sure you're using flat black lines in those areas so that the lines can be seen! All black tones used in designs must be above 4% value.

♦ Make sure all gradient markings (Oriental/Bleached, Sable, Pangare, etc.) are appropriately blended out!

Make sure your proofs are correct, in the right places, and you have attached all your items - then hit submit!




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