Credit Point Guide

Created: 25 March 2023, 22:32:08 UTC
Last updated: 20 April 2024, 13:42:27 UTC

World of Reos' credit points are what allow players to rank up their characters through the art they draw or the literature they write about their Reoseans. With each new rank a character climbs through the Political Status ladder and will receive additional perks at each rank. All official characters in the World of Reos are eligible to rank up, and this page will teach you how to account for all of those points!

If you see a section highlighted in green, it indicates a new or amended rule!


General CP Rules

There are some generalized rules that cover all types of CP listed below.

Image requirements

  • Chibi style, or simplified style images are worth half the base points, and cannot be used for core images and activities.
  • All images must be at least 500x500 pixels in display size, or they will not count for CP, including images on CP sheets like headshots and fullbodies. Pixels are excluded from this rule.

  • If an image is being used as a Core, Event or Activity image, it needs to meet the 500x500 requirements, even if it is a pixel image!

  • All pixels are half points unless at least 200x100 pixels in size.

  • Each Vayron or Tyrian in a piece must be recognizeable to count for CP. This means all markings present and with good effort in depiction. Leaving out markings for the sake of simplicity will count as "simplified".
  • Backgrounds must be hand-drawn and cannot be photomanipulations or comprised of stock materials directly.
  • All artwork and literature created must fit within the scope of the groups PG-13 ruling in order to be used for CP. Please do not link mature content or themes in your tracker!
  • All images depicting Vayrons or tyrians with mutations, extreme body edits, or traits they do not posess or have will no longer count for CP. Vayrons need to stay true to their imports (accessories are exempt!), and any fake mutations need to remain fake looking in artwork in order to count.


  • Anthropomorphized (anthro) reoseans count for full CP! They cannot be used in core images or activities however, and will not receive those bonuses.
  • Black and white (monochrome) images do count for CP, and if all markings are present in detail, can receive the colored bonus under "base points".
  • Sculptures or other physical art count for a flat rate of 10 CP, if it is unfinished it will be halved (5 CP).
  • You can draw your Reosean with other ARPG critters, as well as in "non-canon" Reos settings and still count for CP. Activity and core images will need to be within the Reos universe.


Base Points

Base points apply to the subject/character of any image, and literature!

Full body

  • Sketched/Lined Base +2
  • Colored +3
  • Shaded +2
Maximum Total: 7
Full body means that at least 4 sections of the Vayron or Tyrian is present and not hidden by other characters or elements in the image. Anything less and it will be considered a headshot.


  • Sketched/Lined Base +1
  • Colored +2
  • Shaded +1
Maximum Total: 4
At least 1 full section (The head) of a Vayron or Tyrian needs to be present to count for a headshot. Extreme closeups or anything less will not count for CP!



Fullbody and Headshot measurement Chart

A vayron or Tyrian is considered fullbody if FOUR SECTIONS are present in a drawing.
If the Vayron is tailless, as long as the general area of the section is present, it will count. 
Bodily Areas by Reos-Empire



  • 100 words +1
  • NO Maximum
For literature to count for a Vayron they must be present for at least 75% of the word count, and more than simply mentioned here and there. They must be considered an "active" participant. If they are not present for at least 75% of the wordcount, then they will only count for the amount of the piece they are present in!


Reosean 1 is present for 1000 words in a literature entry.
They receive +10 CP

Reosean 2 is present for half of that, 500 words in the same entry.
Reosean 2 only receives +5 CP




Any image with a background that meets the requirements is eligible for bonuses!

General Rules

  • All backgrounds (even sketch) need to have some substance in foreground, middle ground, and sky detail, as well as the required 3 distinct elements present in order to count for points. Elements must have some detail to them and cannot be flat blob shapes. Copypasted texture images over the background do not count as detail.

    Grass does not count as an element unless it is distinctly separate from the ground (i.e. brown grass sticking out of snow will count, green grass on green ground will not count).

  • Platform backgrounds or "floating island" backgrounds do not count unless accompanied by a sky and sufficient detail.
  • In CP packs and sheets, every background must be unique and cannot simply be "divided" or cut out between images. This is in reference to 'continuous' backgrounds, meaning backgrounds that lead into one another with no difference or addition to make them unique to that image. To make a continuous background unique for each image, consider adding or removing elements, raising or lowering terrain or the like!
    This applies to Repeatable Activities, Events and Core images.
  • Literature receives only the corresponding background bonus if the scene is described in enough detail to place them on the correct continent.
  • Gradients, empty skies, and other patterned backgrounds do not count for the bonus, they need to have substance.
  • Background points

  • Sketched Background +1
  • Finished Background +2
  • Corresponding Land +1

You may only claim TWO of these bonuses at a time (sketched background + cooresponding land, or finished background + cooresponding land)
Sketched and Finished background bonuses do not stack, the background will be one or the other.

The sketched background bonus cannot apply to colored backgrounds to make up for "lack of background elements". It is not for unfinished backgrounds, but for truly sketched backgrounds.


Background Examples

Click images to be lead to their deviation for a fullview!


Multiple rock formations can count as multiple background elements as long as they are distinct and rendered with enough detail, and not simply copy and pasted throughout the image!

Image by Keptune on Deviantart


Plenty of elements for the 3 new 3 element rule, and distinctly Warrenfall for the land bonus.

Image by Livard and EternaiiyGold on Deviantart!


While cave images may be difficult, there are enough elements present here with multiple stalactites, bushes from the percieved entrance, and stalagmites in the foreground! A nice way to allude to Warrenfall with the bushes as well.

Image by Kelyias and Pirate-Reaper on Deviantart!


Added Character Bonuses

You can add more characters to your art to achieve higher bonuses!
Other Reosean, riders, and even other ARPG creatures are eligible for this.

  • Humanoid Companion/Rider +2
  • Other Members Reosean/Starter +2
  • Guild Member's Reosean +1
  • Bonded Character +2
  • Other ARPG Character +1

At Maximum you can claim ALL of these bonuses for +8

Do not list the companion bonus in place of the Added Reosean bonus! They are two separate things and will confuse CP counters.

Bonded character bonuses apply for all images except the bonding stages themselves!

Starters can be used in artwork at any time, no permission needed.

Humanoid Companions are simply any companions that fit within the companion limitations. Cannot be another feral creature.

Added Character Rules

  • ALL added characters (except riders) MUST be linked in the tracker or deviation in order to count. CP counters will not play detective for you, and simply mentioning their name is not sufficient.
  • Headshots are not eligible for any of these bonuses.
  • The 'Other ARPG' bonus applies only to ARPGs in which they have a minimum of 200 members and use imports. Some examples include Tokotas, Kukuri, Ethers-of-Pandora, etc. Must be linked to count.
  • Guild members must be from active guilds, and currently in the guild. The bonus will no longer apply if either vayron is removed from the guild. Must be linked to count.
  • These bonuses can only be applied once each, meaning you can only have one 'Added Reosean' bonus at a time even if there are multiple Reoseans in the image.
  • Added Reosean or ARPG creatures must be 75% visible or greater to count for the bonuses.
    For an added Reosean bonus to count for literature, they need to be present in at least 50% of the piece and an active participant.
  • Humanoid companions and riders must be at least 50% visible or greater to count for the bonuses.
    For a Humanoid companion and/or rider to count for literature, they need to be present in at least 50% of the piece and an active participant.



Miscellaneous Bonuses

These bonuses can apply to Fullbodies, Headshots and literature.


  • Collabed Art +2
  • Personal Art +3
  • Sculpted / Physical Creations +10

Personal art can be applied to any piece you have done yourself (including literature).

The collab bonus stacks with the personal bonus!


  • Simple Animation +1
  • Medium Animation +5
  • Complex Animation +10

You may only claim ONE of these bonuses at a time

Simple Animation refers to blinking, glows, or twinkling.
Medium Animation refers to small movements like a head turning, an ear flicking, or leg movement.
Complex Animation is reserved for large animations such as run or walk cycles, actions, or otherwise animations with 5+ frames.



Activities and Events

Activities and Events include core images, repeatable quests, and storyline events that take place infrequently.

General Rules

  • Up to three Vayrons can be completing a CORE activity per image. You cannot claim the bonus for any more over that number!
  • You cannot mix CORE activities and QUESTS/ACTIVITIES in the same image. The only exception is the Sustain Trial, in which the companion can claim it as a hunt.
  • CORE image bonuses may only be applied once, except for purity trials and training which take 3 images to complete, per Vayron.
  • Simplified Art cannot be used in any CORE or QUEST/ACTIVITY images.
  • All Event entries must be accompanied by a link to the comment (Pre-LK) or prompt submission URL (LK)  they were submitted with in order to receive that bonus!
  • The 'Magi Path' magic usage bonus is only applied once a Reoseanhas reached the magi rank, and the type of magic being used in the entry matches their specialization.
  • The 'Spellmaster' Magic Usage bonus is only applied once a Reosean reaches the spellmaster rank and the type of magic being used matches their specialization. This replaces the Magic bonus, they do not stack.
  • NEW! Group Events refers to Storyline Events (Return of the Skydwellers, The Egress Unveiled), Anomaly Events and Repeatable Events (Reos World Fair, Red Flag Hunt).

Core Images

  • Initial Class Quest (ICQ) +2
  • High Class Task (HCT) +2
  • Purity Trials (PTs) +2
  • Training +2
  • NEW! Magic Awakening (Sparked, Magi, Spellmaster) +2
  • Bonding Stage +2

You may claim only ONE of these bonuses at a time.

The above bonuses and tasks are non repeatable, except for purity trials (3), training (3), and bonding stages (3). A Vayron will never receive more than the allowed number of bonuses per tracker.

Quest/Activity Images

  • Low Class Quests +1
  • Magical Quests +1
  • High Class Quests +2
  • Hunting +1
  • Monthly Prompts +1
  • 'Magi Path' Magic Usage +1
  • 'Spellmaster' Magic Usage +2
  • NEW! Group Event Bonus +3

You may claim only ONE of these bonuses at a time.

The above bonuses can be repeated multiple times indefinitely for a Vayron, so you are not limited to the amount of times you use them in your tracker.


Simplified Art

Simplified art is artwork that does not compare to the usual style or effort present in an artists gallery or artwork that does not meet minimum requirements as set below.

What Counts as Simplified?

  • Re-used bases
  • "chibi" style pagedolls that are not on par with a users average level of effort based on their gallery
  • Pieces that feature Vayrons with no discerning details (eyes, mouth, paws, markings, identifiable traits)

Simplified Examples

The below two images are of the same Vayron, but the one on the left has a noticeable lack of details and is overly simplified compared to the one on the right. The one on the left will get half points, while the one on the right - while still a "chibi" in nature - would not as effort was taken to make it detailed and on par with the users style and gallery.

Images are all judged individually based on a users gallery and skill level. There is not a blanket level of skill needed for everyone! Trust that the time and energy is spent to ensure that no one is being too harshly judged. Users that are actively attempting to simplify their art or gain an advantage over others by pushing the rules will find it very difficult to do so, in contrast.



Creating a Tracker

Now that you understand what points are, you are ready to implement them into your own tracker! Use the example tracker linked at the top of this page as a starting point, or the guide below to create your very own.

General Rules

  • One Vayron or Tyrian per Tracker! Do not include multiple characters on a single tracker.
  • Please list out all of your counts, with at the bare minimum a total for what each image is worth. If you simply link images with no counts a CP counter will deny the tracker and make you go back and count it!
  • Any offsite trackers MUST contain links back to the Deviations (or other source) for each image, or a fullview in order to accurately judge each image. Not linking to a fullview or the deviation is grounds for that image not counting towards your total.
  • You must post your own tracker, but a friend can help you make it!

Allowed Tracker Formats

  • Deviantart Journal/, whether posting the entire tracker ot the journal or linking images and posting the totals in comments underneath.
  • Google Sites/Weebly/Other CMS - you may use custom website builders to host your trackers!
  • Toyhouse journals or character pages, provided they follow the correct format and rules.
  • Google sheets or documents, as long as they are formatted and organized.

  • Not Allowed Formats

  • Private files on google services that cannot be accessed by mods!
  • File storing sites such as dropbox, or google drive.



CP Count Examples

Example of a Good CP Count

Fullbody + 2
Colored + 3
Shaded + 2
Finished background + 2
Land Bonus + 1
Personal work + 1
Added Reosean + 2 [Pants 002]
Low Class Quest + 1
Total = 14

Each bonus is listed out clearly, and the added Reosean is linked as per the rules. A CP counter can point out where in your count is wrong, if you are, and provide good feedback if needed!

Base Points (Fullbody, Colored, Shaded) +7
BG and Land +3
Total: 10

There is enough detail here to get a good idea of where the points are coming from, but the count is simplified and "tidy" for a clean tracker look.

Base Points +7
BG Points +2
Trials +2
Personal +1
Total = 12

This is as minimal as it should get, and might still slow up a CP counter as they work the math in their heads on which Base and BG bonuses (or lack thereof) you are trying to use.

* You may format the actual listing of points however you like, so long as the information regarding the count is present! These are just examples.

Example of a Bad CP Count

Total CP: 15

Perhaps obvious, but without any detail on bonuses used, a CP counter has to take a "wild guess" and hope they get it right. By not listing out which bonuses you would like to include you run the risk of losing out on some and the CP counter will not know how to help you if your total count is wrong in the end. High chance of losing points.

10 points
+ added Reosean
+ quest
total: 14

This one is tricky, some bonuses are listed but not their value (and no Reosean is linked!). The total doesn't add up so a CP counter has to guess on what the "10 points" might be from, as well as what kind of quest is being referenced. High chance you will lose points.


Go straight to jail, and do not pass go! A CP counter is here to verify your counts, not count your entire tracker and provide you with the totals from scratch. If you do this for your entire tracker (once or twice could be a mistake), they will ask you to repost it in the correct format. High chance of getting NO points.





You've got questions? So does everyone else! They may be answered here.

If I use a quicker style for Activity rolls than normal will my art be too simplified?

Generally, no! As long as you still include all necessary details required for all artwork to pass, and put in an average amount of effort (think middle ground of your best to most meme worthy art) you will be fine. We don't expect everyone to spend an entire day on every piece of artwork they do, and we don't expect people who spend 30+ hours on an illustration for a CORE image, to also spend 30+ hours on a quest roll. The key is effort and CP counters try to be fair and unbiased when judging.
However, if you intentionally try to push your art as simple as you can to maximise how many activity "rolls" you can do in an hour, we're going to catch on and you will get denied.

How many Vayrons and Tyrians can be in an image for CP?

There isn't a limit to how many can be in an image strictly for CP right now, but the maximum that can be in a CORE image or an ACTIVITY image and receive those bonuses is three.

Can I use a tracker location that is not listed?

Before you make a tracker in a new place that isn't listed in the Trackers section, feel free to ask in the discord or credit points journal to be sure! If it is a type of CMS like weebly or google sites, most likely the answer is yes.

If I am not sure on my count, or want help counting, can I ask before submitting?

Absolutely, and please do! The best place to ask is in the World of Reos Discord! There a CP counter or other mod can help verify your counts for you.

Will this image count for this bonus? -insert bonus here-

Put the image in the CP and status questions channel of the world of reos discord, and you can find out! While there isn't time in the day to go over every image of every tracker for everyone, we are happy to help verify bonuses and points if asked.

Do I need to include all CP in my tracker, or only the amount needed for the next rank?

All CP needs to be in a tracker, not just the amount needed to rank up! WE count CP as a whole everytime, to verify bonuses still apply and that all images are still present. Reos does not do 'milestone' CP counting, meaning that even if your Reosean is Exemplar, they still need the full 400 to get to noble, not just 150.

Have a question that's not listed? ALWAYS feel free to ask in the reos discord, or on the CP journal itself! An admin will always get back to you and help you out, and no question is a "dumb question".