[803] Dominion ST2 Training

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   Dominion couldn't contain his excitement. Restless energy coursed through him, a vibrant pulse that seemed to defy his young age. Even as he matured, it felt as though he was on the brink of bursting with anticipation at any given moment. He was eager, poised for action, ready to take flight like a coiled spring awaiting release. But standing before him was Anui-El, the seasoned angora runner, decades his senior. Despite his age, Anui-El's senses remained razor-sharp, vigilant like a watchful hawk. His presence ensured that no mishap would befall them before Ancalis, their companion, had secured the saddle firmly in place and before they embarked on their journey.

   Dominion's anticipation manifested physically, his feet tapping rhythmically on the sandstone ground, his tail flicking grains of sand around in tiny arcs. "You're like a ticking time-bomb," Ancalis remarked with a wry smile as he adjusted the buckles of Dominion's saddle. Anui-El chuckled softly, a paw raised to his mouth in amusement. Ancalis understood the gravity of the situation - Dominion appeared as though he might explode with excitement at any moment. "We're almost ready, but I can't take any chances. I don't want to find myself abandoned along the way because you forgot about me. You’ll run all the way to Roenden and not realise you dropped me along the way," Ancalis teased, his tone tinged with a hint of resignation. After a few more adjustments and thorough checks, Ancalis finally completed his task, patting Dominion on the shoulder to signal that they were ready to proceed.

  If Dominion possessed the ability to harness wind magic, he might have leapt twelve feet into the air with unbridled enthusiasm. However, lacking such powers, he settled for a whirlwind of excitement, his gaze fixed on the saddle adorning his back. It felt unfamiliar, akin to wearing socks with toe-holes for the first time - odd, but not entirely unpleasant.

   "That took forever!" Dominion exclaimed, still spinning around with his rosettes blurring in the dizzying motion. Ancalis intervened, his hand swiftly halting Dominion's incessant spinning. "It took forever because you can't stay still for three seconds," Ancalis chided, shaking his head in mock exasperation. Despite Anui-El's telepathic abilities thanks to the use of Mentalist magic, Dominion lacked such talents. However, through years of companionship, Ancalis and Dominion had forged a deep bond, understanding each other's quirks and finding ways to communicate effectively between one-another.

   "Let's get going! We'll hunt down some mighty beasts, perhaps even a Zataro!" Dominion declared confidently, his paw stomping the ground emphatically. Ancalis sighed, realizing that his attempts to temper Dominion's lofty ambitions were futile. "We're just going for a ride, Dominion. No epic battles today. Besides, you need to practice carrying a rider," Ancalis reminded him, his tone tinged with gentle reproach. “ It’ll be easy. Zataro defeated by the end of the day.”

   Undeterred, Dominion remained resolute in his belief that they would triumph over any challenge they encountered. With a smug grin, he raised his head defiantly, eager to prove himself. Ancalis shook his head once more, resigned to the inevitable.

   With Ancalis settled in the saddle, ensuring he wouldn't simply slide off at the slightest provocation, a sense of apprehension gnawed at him. While he had ridden Anui-El before, the runner was more experienced and disciplined. Dominion, on the other hand, required guidance and discipline, traits Ancalis hoped to instill during their journey.

   "Slowly," Ancalis instructed, placing a reassuring hand on Dominion's neck. Anui-El stood nearby, a silent sentinel, ready to offer guidance if needed. "Remember what I told you—" Anui-El began, only to be interrupted by Dominion's confident retort, "Yeah, yeah, it's all good. Nothing bad will happen."

   Anui-El sighed inwardly, his gaze betraying a hint of concern. Ancalis rolled his eyes, resigned to the fact that Dominion's boundless enthusiasm often overshadowed his better judgment. Setting off along the road, they ventured forth from the western city of Cadena, the bustling crowds gradually fading into the distance. The thoroughfare in Thedale’s west was far less congested compared to the teeming streets of the capital city, promising a smoother ride - at least in theory.

   Dominion's exuberance was undeniable, every stride showcased his youthful vitality - he was so full of beans he might burst, if you will. He moved with a grace that made his eagerness painfully obvious, his dandelion coat shimmering in the morning sunlight like a beacon of energy. Ancalis found himself swaying slightly with Dominion's gait, a testament to the young runner's infectious enthusiasm.

   "Alright, Dominion, you can steer us towards the—" Ancalis's words were cut short as Dominion bolted towards the dunes with startling speed. Anui-El paused briefly, processing the sudden turn of events, before giving chase. Dominion charged through the sand with reckless abandon, his movements erratic and unpredictable. For Ancalis, it was akin to riding a wild beast, each moment a test of endurance and agility.

   Amidst Dominion's jaunty antics, the saddle began to buckle under the strain, its cheap construction ill-equipped to withstand such rough treatment. With a sudden jolt, Ancalis found himself unceremoniously thrown off, his foot still ensnared in the stirrup. Dominion, oblivious to his companion's plight, continued his frenzied sprint through the dunes.

   With considerable effort and no small amount of shouting, Ancalis managed to extricate himself from the saddle, tumbling to a stop amidst the sandy terrain. Dominion, caught up in his own euphoria, remained blissfully unaware of the chaos he had caused. "That was great! Oh, what are you doing down there?" Dominion exclaimed, his tail wagging with unabashed joy.

   "I thought I'd enjoy the view from down here," Ancalis replied, his tone laced with sarcasm as he glared at Dominion. Anui-El approached, his expression a curious mixture of amusement and concern. "Ah, it seems the adventure went rather well?" he remarked, attempting to lighten the mood.

   "Don't you start," Ancalis muttered, resigned to the fact that their journey was off to a tumultuous start. As they regrouped and prepared to continue their expedition, Ancalis couldn't help but wonder what other challenges awaited them on their journey. With Dominion leading the way, one thing was certain – it would be anything but dull.

Word Count: 1025

[803] Dominion ST2 Training
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In Training ・ By Aldarch

Where things start off pretty good, but never end well for Ancalis because Dominion is an actual demon vayron

Training for Dominion 803 featuring Anui-El 4554 and their companion, Ancalis


Rank 2 - Finding Our Bearings
In the second stage, Reoseans must learn to coordinate with a weight on their back and find a middle ground between themselves and their companions as they venture out into the world.

♦ Draw your Reosean carrying their rider for the first time. How did that go? (Not Well)

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