Night of the Kindered Blooms

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It was dusk, the weather was quiet and still except for a gentle breeze whistling by the trees and grasses of Warrenfall. This day however was no ordinary one, The Night of the Kindred Blooms would occur upon nightfall. The moons would soon rise in their fully illuminated glory, causing the blue flowers to shine and glow brightly.

This often attracted critters to the blooms, who tended to be especially calm and docile in response to the magical influence. The magical properties the flowers had were also good for making various potions and tinctures. These were facts both Lyon and his mate London knew well. Being especially familiar with flowers of all sorts and varieties.

The pair would be on their farm within the grasslands finishing up the last of the day's chores. Upon finishing Lyon would turn to his beloved mate, “Could you be a dear and get the bag while I get the bottles?”

The purple Lacework male would smile softly at the huge green tobiano male, “Of course my dear.” Nuzzling the bigger male before being off to fetch a leather bag from inside their house. 

Lyon would mean while go fetch some glass bottles, and along with them a leather harness to put them in. He would secure them upon his back before meeting back up with his mate, who would of be now got the bag on his side so he wouldn't have to carry it in his mouth.

“Are you ready to go then?” The green male being the one to speak first.

“I am, and am assuming you are ready too?”

“That's correct.”

The pair would soon head off across the grasslands for the purpose of finding the glowing blooms. They needed to collect the flowers and magic they carried for potions, both of their own making and to give some to those who also make them. With it being a single night a year that they bloomed so brightly, they knew that they needed a hefty amount for the rest of the year. 

Upon coming to a forest they would enter it, trekking far into it before coming to a clearing at the center. By now night had fallen completely, and thus the twin full moons lit up the flowers in a brilliant blue glow. It was hard to miss the flowers now, and the various life that lay among them. 

The pair would get to work, splitting up some to gather blooms. London placed the whole flowers in his bag, which was weaved with an enchantment to preserve the flowers. The bag he picked up from his granddaughter's girlfriend, and it had served him well with this task. It helped to make sure that the flowers would remain intact and fresh for as long as they needed.

Lyon however would draw magic from the flowers to collect them in glass bottles. Doing so quickly and carefully, showing that he has done this several times before. Though this wouldn't be the only thing the gentle giant collected, he would also collect petals for some of the other glass jars. Making sure to collect an even amount of each the petals and magic essence.

Each would be careful to not disturb the resting wildlife, doing their best to show them that they too were only here for the brilliant blue flowers. Once they had collected all that their containers would carry, they would rest within the patch of flowers themselves.

“Isn't this nice? Just the two of us…” Lyon would quietly say to his partner.

“Well yes. But we aren't exactly completely alone either. We do have company.” The Lacework would gesture to the wildlife, some of which would lean into the pair.

Lyon would chuckle softly, “You got me there. I love you.” Nuzzling into the purple male.

London would nuzzle him back, “I love you too.”

The pair would lay there, watching the stars among the mystical glowing flowers. Letting the wildlife cuddle up to them, and soon letting themselves doze off.

They would wake to the sound of an Owlcat’s call. The moons have now gone away, and with it the flowers’ glow. So too were the critters of the forest. London and Lyon would get up and stretch their weary bones.

“We should head home and put away our collection.” London would be the one to say.

“I'd say so, it's probably what, 2 in the morning? Definitely past midnight.”

“Probably about that I’d guess, yeah.”

London and Lyon would soon begin the journey back towards home. Exiting the forest and padding through the grasslands before ultimately reaching their destination: home. 

Once home they would sort their stash of blooms and magical essence. Making sure each glass jar and petal was in its place before they would head off for a proper slumber. 

Night of the Kindered Blooms
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May Prompt:

The last whispers of winter cling to the air, but an ever strengthening spark of warmth ignites on the horizon. In Reos, the veil between worlds thins as the Night of Kindred Blooms descends. This luminous evening, coinciding with the full moon closest to the spring equinox, is a time of wonder and vibrant energy.


Legends whisper of ancient flora imbued with mystical properties, their blooms erupting in a dazzling display only on this night. These Kindred Blooms shimmer with otherworldly light, attracting familiars of all kinds and imbuing the air with a potent magic. Some Reoseans seek these blooms for their potent alchemical properties or to capture the familiars attracted to them, while others celebrate the thinning veil with vibrant festivals, their laughter echoing through the starlit night.

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