Reos World Fair - Arts makes friends

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Ikki, Ulan Bator and Kabuki had decided to eat something at the Fair all together after casually meeting at a stall. They were discussing about food when they started to talk about a challenge they could have set just for fun.

“I’m sure I can take part in the next show” said the friese puller, nodding.

Kabuki was well known for his dancing abilities and he was well recognized around the entire continent of Vitalus. Ulan Bator, who was the real guest there, didn’t know it, so he shook his head.

“Are you sure? Isn’t it something you have to ask the organization?” he asked, worried.

As an escort he knows very well his territory, but unfortunately for him they were in Vitalus and it was a casualty he was there for the fair. His mission was to discover the beauties of the continent and at first he had met some floating islands and crystals around, but in the end he had found the fair and he had decided to join.

“Don’t be so concerned, my friend, I’m sure Kabuki knows someone” said Ikki, the white and orange tyrian, winking.

In short Kabuki went to talk with some friends of his while Ikki waited for him with Ulan Bator. They discussed Vitalus for some time and at first they wondered where the friese puller was.

“He’s disappeared” said Ulan Bator, still concerned. 

Ikki laughed. After some minutes of wait, the lights were turned down and the people remained surprised. Then the lights were turned on again, aiming at the dancefloor in front of the public. 

The attention was focused there and behind some curtains was visible Kabuki in all his beauty. Golden beads and items were placed into his mane and on his body and some soft fabric scarves were laying on his flanks in beautiful shapes.

Ulan Bator remained speechless and Ikki laughed again. He took advantage of the situation to set up an improvised stall and he started to take out some objects from his own bag. He was a merchant, in the end.

Meanwhile Kabuki started to dance in a sensual yet playful way, resembling a diva of another time. He was so cool to see and his ability was already well known there in Vitalus but he was always amazing to see.

Ulan Bator felt a bit useless since he didn’t have similar abilities, more similar to a fitness teacher than a true artist, so he limited himself to look at Kabuki on the dancefloor. His perfect movements were so good he barely believed it was the same vayron of before.

“Hey, come here help me!” says Ikki, still busy with his objects.

The duve puller reached him while continuing to look at Kabuki. His style was really impressive and he blushed a bit when he saw the friese tobi puller winking in his direction.

“Y-Yes, tell me” said the puller, to the tyrian.

Thus the two continued to set up the new stall and they took out many interesting objects. Fans and cloth from the other side of the world, some shimmering crystals and materials, anything that suits the world fair. Probably Ikki would have also organized a lottery or something with a game because he was a true prankster.

Kabuki finished his exhibition just in time to hear his friends shouting things like “come here, we have new arrivals” or “the lottery will start very soon”. So he giggled and he decided to approach them to help them with business.

He was recognized by some fans once he arrived and he stayed behind the stall with the tyrian and Ulan Bator as the mascot of the day. This way Ikki’s improvised shop received a lot of visitors and the three reoseans were happy to stay all together.

“Do you see what art is able to do? To keep everyone together” says Kabuki to the puller.

Ulan Bator nods while smiling. He never felt so happy before. There was something in that day he would have never forgotten.

“Yes, you’re right” he said.

“And it’s also good for business!” said Ikki, happily.

The three laughed and helped each other all day long, knowing that they would have stayed friends forever.

Reos World Fair - Arts makes friends
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Category: HELP WANTED!

Part of the Show! Maybe your Reosean is less interested in attending the fair and is more interested in being in the fair. With various vendor stalls and acts taking place on stage there’s plenty for motivated Reoseans to do. Draw or write about your Reosean joining the fair, either as an act, vendor, or other helping hand!
◘ 100 words = 1 CP / 705 words = 7CP

◘ Corresponding land background = +1CP (not Ulan Bator)

◘ Personal art = 3CP 

◘ Reos World Fair =  3CP (see LK for details)

TOTAL = 15CP for Ulan Bator, Kabuki and Ikki


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