Reos World Fair 2023: The Tour

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Red slitted a single eye open, slowly coming out of a deep sleep. Dusk. Time to go. With a grunt he heaved himself to his feet before giving a vigorous shake, shedding leaves, grass, and a startled cricket. The puller watched it hop away with a bemused snort. Sleeping in soft loam was more comfortable than the rocky terrain of Thedale, but he could do without the uninvited guests.

Broad chest making short work of the underbrush, he pushed out of the small copse he had sheltered in and set out towards the glowing horizon at an easy lope. Within a few minutes he had reached his destination; the Reos World Fair. Another Vayron fell in beside Red as he stepped under the arched entrance, illuminated by the warm light of dozens of floating lanterns.

He was a sturdy male chaser with a patchwork coat of sandy brown hues, a shaggy man, and button ears. Red nodded his head in greeting. The other male opened his mouth to speak but stopped, nostrils flaring, before breaking into a massive grin. 

“You smell like home! I didn’t expect to run into someone else from the desert here. The name’s Buck! What’s your name?” The chaser was obviously thrilled, eyes alight with joy. 

Red returned his smile, “You can call me Red. And yes, I’m from The-“

The puller broke off as a small shape hurtled around a corner and slid to a halt in front of the pair in a flurry of paws and tails. It was a chaser, a tiny one, with glittering fur the color of sunset skies. She grinned, fanning out her several tails. 

“Hello! Welcome to the Reos World Fair! My name is Gwen. Come on, let me show you around, the moonlight is wasting! What are your names?” The last was thrown over her shoulder as she started off deeper into the fair, obviously expecting them to follow.

Exchanging bemused glances, Red and Buck padded after the chaser, introducing themselves again as they walked. They followed her to a long, winding row of stalls teeming with other Vayron and even a few Tyrians. And the smells! The two Thedale residents inhaled deeply at the same time, startling a chuckle from Red and earning a bright laugh from Buck. 

Gwen bounced in place in front of them. “This is the world food expo! We have vendors from all over everywhere! If you can eat it, we have it!”

Buck took a step towards one booth with a particularly tantalizing scent, only to be stopped by a tail gently popping him on the nose.

Gwen huffed at him. “I’m not done, there’s more to see. Come on!” She turned and bounded away, leading them towards a quieter area of the fair. Buck laughed again and trotted after her, with the massive puller bringing up the rear. 

Buck’s floppy ears perked as they approached a calmer part of the Fair with dozens of fenced paddocks, most of which seemed to be occupied by creatures of all shapes and sizes. He looked through the fence slats as they passed in wide-eyed wonder at strange beasts, some of which dwarfed him in size. But, he wasn’t given a chance to stop and stare as Gwen kept bounding on. 

The plucky chaser came to a stop in front of a much larger paddock, this one with a gate and a crooked wooden sign that read: Yes, if it has a mouth, it may bite. 

“Welcome to the Petting Zoo! Home of creatures from all four continents and beyond!” She nudged open the gate, ushering the other two inside. A small flock of chickens scattered in front of Buck, along with a goose that was giving the trio of Vayrons an evil look. 

The crimson-coated puller wandered away from the pair of chasers, who were apparently enamored with a frisky goat kid. Something odd had caught Red’s attention. The creature was tall, though not as tall as him. It had four legs terminating in split hooves, and a wooly coat like a sheep, but its neck and ears were far too long. Red, cautious, took another step towards it - only to hear a yelp of alarm from behind him. 

“You might want to be careful with the llama!” Gwen squeaked, scrambling towards the puller. “They can be—”  

The llama pinned its ears and spit directly at the sunset-colored chaser, who squeaked and managed to dodge most of the projectile. Scrubbing at her face with a paw, Gwen grimaced, fur sticky with saliva. Eying the offended llama nervously, she flicked her tails and tipped her muzzle away from the Petting Zoo. 

“Maybe we should keep going! I think I know somewhere that might suit a Vayron of your size better. I think you’ll have fun there too, Buck. We have games! Races, jousting, wrestling, and more!” With that she was off again, Buck chatting at her side and Red trailing behind grumbling about over-sensitive, neurotic, hooved creatures. 

Reos World Fair 2023: The Tour
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In Events ・ By EpitaphREI, Soni

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Grand Tour! Oruvunen, or rather 'Mr. Plum' and Gwen want to show you around this world they have created. Do you oblige them this request? Draw or write about your Reosean interacting with Mr. Plum and Gwen (or just one of them).

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+2 for collaboration 

+1 Familiar Crate for first entry to Help Wanted Category

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