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♦ QUesting

Questing is a key activity for acquiring items that can be used for crafting, stat/import changes, etc. 

Click >> HERE << for the guide and >> HERE <<  for the prompts!


Images must be...

♦ Follow the prompt for your desired quest. If the quest asks that the reosean look under a rock for something, draw them actually searching rather than just standing beside a rock! ​View the questing prompts here!
♦ Images must be full body (at least four bodily sections showing), colored, and shaded with a background, at least 500x500 in size.
♦ Should the quest call for a prey animal to be present, at least 50% of the prey must be visible. Prey must be clearly recognizable.
♦ Backgrounds should have at least 3 elements in them aside from the ground/sky. Some examples of elements could include rocks, foliage, water, buildings, etc. These elements should have some depth and texture to them - flat grey blobs will not be accepted for rocks, flat brown lines will not be accepted for trees, etc. See the example to the right!
​♦ Reoseans should follow the laws of gravity; no floating reoseans just to fit extras into the image.
♦ Reosean markings need to be recognizably placed and shaped in comparison to where they are on the vayron's import (ex. randomly placed blobs for merle will not be accepted, they don't have to be perfect but they should be in a similar size and shape to those on the import).
♦ 'Stick Figures' will not be accepted, some amount of muscle or joint definition should be visible.
♦ You may have a maximum of 10 images in one sheet. This is in reference to the sheets where there are roughly 15+ small images, etc. You MAY NOT crop or edit older images not drawn by you that have 10+ in there to make it passable. There was a deadline for this, and if you missed it that's on you.
♦ Up to 3 Reoseans per an activity image, if there are more then it needs to be clearly mentioned in the image/literature entry description which Reoseans are questing and which are not.
If extra reoseans are added, there may only be +3 for a total of 6 reoseans in the image - still, only 3 of those may be rolled for the quest.
*Note you cannot have three reoseans in an image questing and include another three hunting, there may only be three activities rolled in a single image.
However, if you do a Purity Trial entry with small prey, the companions in that PT can redeem the image for either a hunt or the "Q2: Cure for an Empty Stomach" quest.​ Quests cannot be combined with any other core images.

Literature must be...

♦ Literature entries must be 800 words minimum.
♦ Just as with visual art, the Reosean needs to be actively present at least in 75% of the story. If the quest prompt requires a prey animal then it needs to be present in 50% of the story.
♦ Lit entries need to have separated paragraphs instead of single continuous wall of text. It is incredibly difficult for the admins reviewing the entry to read a solid wall of text!
♦ As with art entries, lit entries can be denied in the case of low quality; no noticeable plot, using the same adjectives over and over again to make up word count, etc. is a fantastic resource if you're looking for words!

Submitting your quest...

Once you've completed the image or literature, head over to the Submit Prompt and select Questing and fill out the form below. An admin will get back to you and either request edits or pass the entries and give your loot.
Quest name: (Full name. Ex: Quest 1: They Called me a Lumberjack)
Link to Quest entry:
Link to Import and #: 
Additional Bonuses:
- Familiars, etc
- Items
- Political Status
- Additional Reosean
- Guild Member


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